Rosemary Visaggio-Lumadue had only a few rules, begin with the highest quality food, prepare great tasting meals and serve it in an awesome atmosphere.   Over the 36 years, Visaggio's has not changed which makes it the ideal location to enjoy both premier Italian and American cuisine.


Coming from a large Italian family, Rosemary's life was centered on food and the family connection that comes from being at the table together.  Her parents had a dream to begin a restaurant but couldn't bring it into reality.  Rosemary caught that passion and started Visaggio's in honer of her family.

The cuisine is a combination of some old family recipes and some that Rosemary created herself.  Each recipe is time tested so the menu doesn't change frequently.  From home made pastas and sauces to award winning desserts, many customers have found their favorites and know what they want to order even before looking at the menu.


In 2013, there was a devastating fire, that closed the restaurant.  There was never a question that we would rebuild.  With the help of family, Visaggio's reopened.  The menu stayed the same but a new casual dining room was added.  This allows our guests to choose the experience they would like.  Our formal dining room still remains where people can come and enjoy a quality meal.  But with the casual dining room available, families may find it more comfortable with unique menu geared towards casual dining.  A large banquet facility with a private entrance stands ready to serve for weddings, parties, corporate gatherings or any large event.

With all of the changes through the years, one thing holds true.  The foundation of preparing great tasting food made from the highest quality ingredients remains as true today as when Visaggio's was founded.  Rosemary's sons, who grew up with her in the kitchen have taken over the day to day operations and cooking but Rosemary is often there, greeting people and ensuring an enjoyable experience.

We do everything in our power to create a fantastic experience that will leave a smile on your face.  Be our guest and join us for dinner. 


On December 27th, I received one of the most beautiful letters from a Gold Star Mother. She was celebrating her father's 90th birthday at Visaggios. As she came into our lobby she saw the tribute to our great American soldiers. She told me that she had been praying and asking God for a miracle that her son was still with her. He passed fighting in Iraq. She found her answer. Little did she know that I was also looking for an answer. December 27th is my beloved father's Birthday. He died in a horrible auto accident in 1986 coming to my son's graduation party. When the death of a loved one comes at you in such a way you truly never get over it, no matter how hard you try. But, life...... continues on and Mary and I found a bond that can never be broken.............